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To all of our amazing staff, families, soccer players and partners we appreciate the hard work and effort you put into playing soccer with us everyday.  It is awesome!  Sadly, sometimes our body has to take a break.  Soccer can be an intense activity and we need to ask before we leave the house, "can my child(ren) play soccer today?"  Even before COVID19, Bird Flu, Diphtheria, Measles, or Polio if you or your kid was sick, you stayed home and got better.  Hot soup, rest, recover and healthy once again.  Easy right? 

So to help we have a provided GUILDELINES & PROCEDURES to help administer any questions or responses:

Coughing - Weezing - Sneezing

1) Asthmatic coughs can also be caused by Asthma and cause no harm to one-another.  If your child uses an inhaler, please bring one into the facility or available upon request to allow for immediate relief.  Adding an extra break and maybe getting some fresh air is also not a bad idea.  

Though if your child just finished a 5-day party of RSV, bronchitis and croup or other forms of respiratory tract may be asking yourself, "can my child play soccer today?"

2) Weezing and/or "out-of-breath" can be common with several kids age groups because the amount of running and activities performed in your class or game.  We are talking it can completely drain a person out.  Allowing for extra rest, skipping an activity to refuel on gatorade, juices and snacks can be a wise move.  To your surprise, your child will love you for the treat.    

Though if your child just finished several weeks of a nasty flu virus that required strong antibiotics and can not stop coughing; which by the way that is the leftover mucus still trying to make its way out of their lungs, these projections while not contagious can cause bacterial or viral buildup may be asking yourself, "can my child play soccer today?"

3) Sneezing in Michigan is common because of the pollen, allergies and other forms of factors: colder temperatures, rainy day, etc.  Running and playing soccer can expel some of that nose gold.  By bringing an extra packet of Kleenex, you can dispose some runny noses, or other pre-soccer remedies (hot honey water, breathing cream on check/neck, etc) will allow you and your family to have a better soccer experience.

If your children's nose is the Fountain of The Mississippi and has been causing other issues like tummy aches, sleepless nights, and light may be asking yourself, "can my child play soccer today?"


If at anytime during any of our seasons, you asked yourself that very question, "can my child play soccer today?" please notify us at INFO@KICKSTARTTODDLERSOCCER.COM (SUBJECT: HEALTH) so we can provide you with options regarding your registration and/or lost value.   We love our customers.  


Since March 11, 2020 the sport of Soccer has had many restrictions, mandates, and public health orders that has affected the way KICKSTART has operated.  Please note that we will do our best to keep up with the fast changes and because local and state laws are continually evolving, so will our rules, regulations, and safety guidelines.  We understand that your child's safety is of ut-most importance and we couldn't agree more.  If you feel hesitant about the state of things, we ask that you wait to register for classes until you and your family feel comfortable.  If you ever have any questions, issues, special requests please do not wait to contact our Customer Service for more information or help.  

As of  October 26, 2021 here is a breakdown of the current changes that will affect the way we operate going forward (unless local and state laws change due to high rates of viral transmission):

1.)  MASKS - (INDOORS) MDHHS rescinded multiple health orders on June 22, 2021 allowing for all ages, people: vaccinated or not, authorization to enter private residence or business with no facial coverings (does not include schools).  We ask that social distancing measures are taken into consideration, or facial coverings are worn if CDC Guidelines can not be met. 

MASKS - (OUTDOORS) MDHHS rescinded multiple health orders on June 17, 2021 allowing for all ages, people: vaccinated or not, authorization for social distancing events or activities with or without facial coverings, while meeting CDC vaccination recommendations.    

2.)  SPECTATOR LIMIT - MDHHS rescinded multiple health orders on June 22, 2021 allowing for; as long as you follow CDC social distancing practices: vaccinated or not, players to bring multiple family members to watch them perform. 

Oakland, Genesee and Macomb County have DRASTICALLY different laws regarding business permits, bathroom access, school district policies, health mandates, etc.  This information regarding the safety measures changes RAPIDLY, please note that there may some changes that may affect your toddler's class as we move forward.  We thank you all for your patience and understanding during these trying times.  

We are ALMOST back to normal, so stay safe and be smart!